We listen to our clients before making suggestions.

Our approach is to educate our clients on the daily maintenance of their system.

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions. These are meant to be guidelines.
Please call
716.839.5309 with any concerns or problems you may be encountering, and you will be connected with your qualified computer engineer to help you through your problem.

Q: My company needs to purchase hardware, software and computer support services. Can you provide all three?
A: Yes, Network Services is a full-service provider that can bundle integrated computer solutions for your organization.

Q: What happens if my server goes down?
A: Please call your Network Services computer engineer.

Q: If a problem arises, how quickly can you get here?
A: In most cases a Network representative can be on site with in a hour of a system wide outage.

Q: What is the availability of my computer engineer?
A: Network Services prides itself in promptly responding to our customers whenever they need help!

Q: I get a lot of spam e-mail messages, what can I do to stop them?
A: Network Services offers several highly effective spam blocking solutions.

Q: I need to access my office e-mail from home. Can I do this?
A: Yes, we can set up a number of secure, remote access solutions that will allow you to access your electornic mail system or your entire PC desktop from locations outside your office.

Q: We need to link our Buffalo, Rochester and Charlotte offices, but the data line costs are excessive. Can Network Services help?
A: Yes, we can offer a number of Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions that will securely and economically support your wide area network.

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Frequently Asked Questions