Network Services Partners:

Telephone, cabling, and security sales

AltiGen Communications - VoIP Business Phone Systems & Microsoft-based Unified Communications

Our Partnerships Add Value to Our Customers
No one business can be everything to everybody. In order to provide and maintain leading-edge technologies, networking competency and support, Network Services utlizes the resources from worldwide leaders in this ever-emerging market. Through partnerships, we are able to tap into unlimited assets and capabilities that allow us to provide complete solutions for our customer's diverse needs.

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Adaptec: All hard drive and SCSI controllers

American Power Conversion: Uninterrupted power supplies including Smart-UPS and Back-UPS products - all models, server enclosures and wall-mount racks

Barracuda Networks: Spam Filter, Content Filter, Backup Server, local and virtual appliances 

Cisco: All Cisco routers, network switches, wireless and VPN products

Dell: File Servers, PC Workstations, printers & peripherals - we are one of the largest Dell Resellers in Western New York

Hewlett Packard: Printers, print servers, scanners, disk and tape storage products, network switches and multi-function copiers

Intel: Processors, system boards, LAN adapters and CPU cooling fans

Microsoft: Windows Server and Small Business Server
All versions of
• Microsoft Windows 7 & 8
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Exchange
• Remote Desktop Server

Seagate: Internal & external hard drives including USB, FireWire, IDE, SCSI, SATA and SAS

Sonic Wall: All Sonic Wall routers, network switches, wireless, VPN and content filtering products

Symantec: File server and workstation backup, anti-virus and utility products including Backup Exec, Enterprise Antivirus, Ghost and PC Anywhere

Western Digital: Internal, external and LAN attached hard drives including USB, FireWire, IDE, SCSI, SATA and SAS
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